Bi-amp Proceed AMP-2

Has anyone out there ever bi-amp'd a pair of AMP-2's? I currently have a single AMP-2 running to my new B&W 803S's and I'm wondering about picking up a second AMP-2. I have read plenty of places that B&W's really benefit from more power, but is this a worthwhile thing to pursue? Thank you.
Are there any Proceed amp users out there who have ever bi-amp'd or bridged their amps? I really like my amp but there is not much info out there about them. Thank you.
Yes I have tried my old AMP5 using 2 amp channels to each speaker with the 5 channel unused on my friends N803.

Result, not enough juice to make the N803 sing.

Either get a HPA2 + AMP2 or get another amp completely.
Hi Fife,

When you used the AMP5, you were bi-amping them then. I'm also considering bridging a pair of the AMP-2s, that would give me lots more power than the 150wpc the amp2 has normally.

What amp was your friend running on his N803s when you tried the amp5. How would you compare the amp5 to it?

Weree were using 23.5/38S & Proceed PAV/PDSD on the N803 which was pretty good.
We tried also AMP2 and AMP5 bi-amped and it was not enough power.

Bridging a pair of AMP2 might not make that much more difference than bi-amping a pair of AMP2's.

You might want to consider a more powerful amp (HPA2 or ML)