Bi-amp problem: SS & Tubes need your help please

Hi all,
I really need some input on how best to resolve the situation: Audion Silver Knight Premier 2.0 tube pre-amp, one set of outs connected to Musical Reference RM9 tube amp driving 4 Nestorovic type 4's in a head to head configuration. They have an additional built in passive cross over so they are only seeing everything above 250hz. Soubd exceeds my expectations.
2nd set of outs into a Sony MX1000U SS amp with gain controls driving two Nestorovic type 8 bass sub's. They also have additional passive cross overs so that they are seeing only 250hz and below. Here is the problem: I am getting very little sound out of the type 8's. Even with the gain control's on the amp at max and the volume control at max on the pre there is sound but way lower than it should be. I would think with tube pre and ss amp there would to much gain not to little, but do you think it is a gain issue, input sensativity issue's? To further complicate they issue the type 8's have 2 12 inch speakers in each box which is sealed. 6 months ago, I replaced 1 12 inch speaker in each box though close they were not exactly the same as the other speaker in each box, since it is sealed I can see where over time could the different displacements in air cause the speaker to fail and now its acting like a passive radiator? ANy and all help is appreciated.
Two solutions to try:
1. try bypassing the crossover; running the woofs full range out of the ss amp; that will tell you if the problem is in the speakers. THEN try it one-box-at-a-time; if one box is louder than two, the woofs might be cancelling each other out.
2. here's what I think it really is: you may need to open the woofer boxes. If the second woof in each box were wired out of phase with the first, they would mostly cancel each other out.
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Sorry meant Yamaha MX1000U
I would call Mile Nestorovic at (425) 397-8547. He's been quite helpful to me in the past.

Have you checked if the Sony is OK? That is, if you put the satellites on the Sony instead of the RAM, is the volume satisfying?

Also, are the drivers facing the room or the back wall? Do they all seem to be working (they all vibrate when playing back music).