Bi-Amp or Upgrade to larger amp???

I have a Plinius SA 100 Mk.III Amp with a Audio Research REF 1 Pre-Amp, Meridian 508.28 CDP, Dynaudio Contour 3.3 speakers using NBS Monitor I ic's and Monitor III speaker cables. I love the sound on this system. However, I'm considering upgrading the amp to either the Plinius SA 250 Mk IV or get another SA 100 MK.III and bi-amping with my current SA 100 Mk. III. What do you all think would be the better way (sonically) to go? And why?
Is bi-amping even supported by the 3.3's? I own the 3.0's and they just have a single pair of binding posts per speaker.

In any case, you'll get greatly improved performance by giving the Dyn's more juice. -Kirk

Talking from experience. I have tried bi-Amp and tri-amp for years. And, finally I am back with one bigger amp. To me, 1 amp is better than 2, 2 is better than 3. There are so many factors dictating successful bi and tri-amping such as active X-over, combatibilty of components, IC, speaker cables, etc. To be able to it all together to satisfaction could be a very demanding and time consuming job.
There are no bi-amp/bi-wire terminals on the 3.3s. Are you thinking of using one amp per side as monoblocks? My recommendation still would be to upgrade to the SA 250. It will really give your Dyns the power they need.
Thanks, everyone. I did mean using two SA100 MkIII as monoblocks. But it sounds like I'd do better to upgrade to the SA 250 Mk. IV. I have to say that the combination of the Audio Research REF 1 and the Plinius Amp is spendid. After about two years of buying, selling and demonstrating other components and cables, I'm very happy with this set-up. But you know what they say about reaching musical nirvana...
I'm going to repost this thread as I meant to write using the SA100's as monoblocks and not bi-amping. Must have been a brain phart!