Hellow fellow audiogoners,would like your opinions or advise about what I might do with my system. I have a pair of von schweikert vr3s I am thinking of bi-ampping them .To bi-amp first thing I will have to do is add an extra pair of speaker post,for the woofers. Just have one pair right now.I should be able to do this, because there are two set of wire going to one set of speaker post.The next thing would be finding another forte model 5 power amp,100 watts per. I have been told this is the best way to bi-amp using two identical amps.Question is, would the benefits of bi-amping with separate amps for mid tweeter and sub,knowing than bi amping would free up a lot of sound for each amp and speaker because each amp would not have as much work to do to deliver the sound.Or should I just get the biggest amp I can, or maybe a 200 watt forte. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks maxwell
You will also have to wire those additional posts to independant circuits inside the speaker. This may or may not be easy/possible to do depending on the crossover design. Why bother?

You are ruining a perfectly good crossover by doing this. It may really screw up the sound/balance.

It will be cheaper and easier to buy a new amp.
I would contact VSA and inquire whether there is phase compensation for the driver planes-bringing the woofer into phase with the tweeter.If there is,your bi-amp will never meld.
In my experience, it seems you are always better off with the best sounding single amp you can afford, rather than splitting your funds to biamp.
One may say that you add complexity to your system , if biamping it. But as long as you know what you are doing e.g.
with the speakers crossover, the end result may well be worth it, even if there is an amount of unpredictability.
My own experiences with biamping are mostly positive.
Ditto ditto ditto!
I have the Vr-series schweikerts. I run rogue 120 magnum tube amps. I wanted to see if i could get a better lowend so i bought a krell ksa200 and biamped. The levels were close suprisingly enough, to make a long story short the rogues lowend kicked the krells ass. Those Vr-3's are excellent, buy a better and more powerful amp and say the heck with biamp. You might want to hear a pair of rogue 120 monos on those. Have you taken the time to set the systems up correctly? Pink noise Ball?
You can't do it with serial crossover period.
I am curious... You say two wires to one post. Do you have two seperate crossovers?
E-mailed Kevin from von schweikert,he said if I wanted to bi-amp all I have to do is add a new set of speaker post and soder wire from woofer.The vr3s use to come with a bi-amp option,as easy as it would be,I would have to agree with most of you and just go with a bigger amp.Thanks Carl