Bi-amp NAD M15/M25

Hi... running a 5.1 system and the NAD M25 allows up to a 7.1 configuration. Is it possible to bi-amp my 2 main L/R speakers with the 2 unused output channels on the M25, like I did with my previous NAD T785 surround sound receiver? There is no mention in either the M15 or M25 user's manual. Many thanks!

Did you ever work out a solution to your query?

I have just got M15/M25 and am faced with the same conundrum!! I need to bi-amp my fronts PMC OB1s.

I have just come across this thread. The answer is yes, you can Bi-amp the fronts with spare channels.
Hi, what is the purpose of bi-amping it? New to this and just purchased the M25 and M15 hd2. I have never ran 7.1 but do 5.1
Just got off the phone with NAD. Was told no!