Bi-amp center channel speaker with one stereo amp?

Is there any reason why I could not bi-amp my center channel speaker with a stereo amp. I would need to get a Y cable or Y adapter to run the center channel signal to each input on the power amp. It would obviously be the exact same signal going to each channel, but the amp outputs would go to the HF and LF terminals.
A few questions.
What is the crossover point? How much power do you think you lack or how much louder to you need it to play?
Will the rest of the system 'keep up'?
The only 'glitch' to the 'Y' adaptor is if the amp has low input impedance and/or the output impedance of the pre/pro is too high.

Any chance of purchasing a single, more powerful mono amp? You can get a new Outlaw mono amp for about 350$ or so....and it is 200@8 . I don't know about 'compatibility' with the rest of your system, though....that's just an example.