Bi-Amp Cables/Vandersteen 3A Signatures

I have mostly Mark Levinson electronics with two 331 amplifiers which I am using to passively bi-amp Vandersteen 3A Signatures. I am now using Kimber 8TCs but would like to get some better cables. However, since I am bi-amping, the cost for cables is essentially doubled. Any recommendations? Also, any opinions on bi-amping Vandersteens?
I currently own Vandersteen 3A's and had two prior pairs of 2's. I've tried numerous speaker cables and felt the bi-wired 8TC worked better than several costlier brands. I'm also using Kimber KS-1020 interconnects and love them. Just like their cousin, the D-60 I'm also using, their sound is very revealing but without any hardness; that is if you system is balanced correctly. I'm sure you can spend more money on speaker cables, the Kimber Bifocal XL comes to mind (my next upgrade), but depending on what interconnects you're using, you might want to look in that direction first. The 8TC bi-wired is such a perfect match, you'd have to spend about $1,800.00 for the XL's to beat it.
You might look at Analysis Plus cables: