Bi-amp cable question

I looking into Bi-amping my ML Quest speakers with 2 BAT VK500 dual mono type amps. My question is the interconnect cables. Are there pre-amps that can take the four interconnects (four outputs) either balanced or unbalanced? Or do I have a "y" cable made up? Any advise would be greatly appreciated
The only pre-amps that I'm aware of with two pairs of RCA outs are from Aragon. I don't know why manufacturers don't do this more often. The Aragon Aurum also has one pair of balanced outs. I'd like to know of any others that do this. It's a convenience that sounds great, also. Good luck.
I have found several preamps with two sets of unbalanced outputs however with BAT amps you would obviously need two balanced outputs (I'm guessing given the name) which I see only on high dollar preamps but you might try the BAT entry pre ($2000 I think), anyway using two stereo amps is a great way to go the only downside is that you either need to get custom made "Y" interconnects or you need to buy two of all your cables going to the amps and speakers, anyway good luck
Conrad Johnson's PV10A has two pairs of RCA outputs. I have one and love it. There's one for sale on Audiogon right now.