if you are using a mono amp for each speaker and your speakers are bi-wire capable, can you bi-amp and bi-wire at the same time?
sure but you'll need 4 (count 'em - four ea.) monoblocks
i mean only using one pair of mono amps but two pairs of cables.
Bob is correct. To BI-AMPLIFY requires two separate amplifier channels per speaker; or two mono amps per speaker. Two pairs of wires from the same amplifier channel is BI-WIRING. Although twice as costly, bi-amplifying is usually the preferable alternative.
While bi-wiring is a validly challengeable concept, bi-amping can be quite effective in some applications. However, if your amplifier is sufficiently powerful, the benefits of bi-amping may be far less noticeable. But when combined with active crossovers, multi-amping allows for a more optimal amp/transducer relationship. One of the VERY finest speaker systems was the tri-amped Waveform. Unfortunately, I waited too long to make my purchase. In the '80s I heard a very impressive quint-amped speaker by Altec Lansing which wasn't offered to the public very long. Imagine 10 monoblocks of amplification! (This wasn't actually the case. The amps were built into each massive box.)