Bi Amp B&W 803s with 9BSST and 4BST

I am planning to bi-amp my B&W 803 Nautilus speakers with my 4B-ST and 9B-SST ( I have 2 channels available ). Which amp should I use to power the bass / mid-treble? I currently use my 4B-ST to bi-wire my 803s. Should I even consider bi-amping? Thanks for the advice.

Other information: Using Bryston SP 1.7 as my pre-amp and Transparent Speaker cables.
Why? What are you hoping to achieve?

Just curious as to if my music would sound better by bi-amping since I've always read that it is recommended. My question essentially is which amp connects to where given the fact that they are different amps with different power
Well, I have not "always read that it is recommended." But why not just try it both ways and decide for yourself if you are willing to invest the effort. I would not bother.

The 4B-ST should go to the bass and the 9B-SST to the mid and tweeter. This should help reduce IMD distortion from the hard driving bass from reaching your midrange.
Thanks for the advice Shadorne
I think bi-amping is a great improvement in a difficult to power speaker. I used a 4 channel 300 series Rowland that was excellent, and no output matching issues. In my last pair of speakers the improvement was not subtle.
I think biamping as it is typically done (without replacing the passive crossover with a custom-designed active network) is only of marginal value and that only if the single amp lacks adequate power for the application. Replacing it with an adequate amp is of at least as much efficacy as biamping.

Biamp it mf! It's a great idea. If you have the extra channels to bi-amp it, why not?
Thanks Sean. yea.. i asked you first and you had already suggested that I do what they suggested. I just wanted to see if there was anyone that would offer some other creative ways. Mostly got some negativity though... hahah... bad times.. people are just not very happy
Yea..they are just v j! If you have more channels, you should consider tri-amp it! Y NOT?
I am very happy and, if you already have the amps, I am happy to say that there is no downside to biamping. OTOH, if you do not, I cannot see why you would bother (unless your current amp sucks).

Ok Kal..just STFU!
That's funny man... I was just about to write the sane thing.. STFU
LOL. Sure y not?
My pleasure. Bye.