Bi-amp at 140 watt each, or single 200 watt?

Okay, so I got the Mirage OMD-28s (6 ohm), and they are fantastic. Except that they really need more power. I am currently bi-amping them through my Marantz SR7001, and it just isn't enough power at 110 watts for each amp. It was ample for the OMD-15...but not these big boys.

I was thinking about getting the new AV Separates from Marantz, which would allow me to run 140 watts from separate, discrete, amps. But seeing as that is only 30 watts more than what I have now...I'm not sure if that is the best route. are my questions. If I'm bi-ampng 140 watts, does that equal a 280 watt single amp? Which is better...two 140 watt amps in a bi-amp configuration, or single 200 watts?

Thanks in advance for any help or input. :-)
Theoretically, 280 watts is not much different from 200 watts in terms of output, as you apparently know.

On top of that, if you double your amplifier power ( to 560 watts ) you're only going to get 3 dB more in perceived output. So maybe amp power is not where you should be looking.

Is it really more power you're after? How do you perceive the situation? Is there distortion on peaks, does overload protection kick in at normal listening levels, or what?

Often what we perceive as a need for amplifier power is really a need for amplifier quality. Higher resolution, more detail and refinement will make listening more involving even though power may appear to be limited.

From that point of view, maybe the separate amp idea makes sense--as long as it's a step up in amplifier quality.

Now, if you do go for an upgrade, go for the biggest one you can afford. Small upgrades wind up very expensive in the long run.

Thanks for the response. I had no idea that it would take that much power for an increase in volume of 3db. As far as the sound quality's quite lovely...just not at the output volume I am used to when running the smaller towers. I'm sure it is because of the additional power needed to drive these big boys.

I'm not getting any distortion on peaks or protection mode, as I don't turn the volume up to the max of 18...I only go to 0. But when I want to really crank some Tool or Coheed &Cambria, I think I need more headroom.

I absolutely want more clarity, detail, etc. That is why I was thinking of stepping up to the AV Separates with balanced connections. I'm always open to suggestions. I even thought about 7 Outlaw 2200 mono-blocks, giving me 300 watts at 6 ohm...or 600 bi-amped for the fronts. :-)

Also look at how much current the amps generate not just total watts.
" ...I think I need more headroom. "

Well, if you need more headroom then don;t look at higher continius (rms) power. Search amplifiers with highest PEAK POWER (current, voltage and their duration at given distortion level) you can afford.
Bi-amping is NOT additive. It's the same power to different drivers.

A single stereo amp will be a better value (without overdue attention to nearly meaningless power ratings) at the same price, or probably much less, than two bi-amped.

This coming from a guy with 3 amps.
unless you know for sure that your speakers are optimized for passive biamping, you'd be better off putting all of your money in one amp. The speaker mfg may be able to offer a suggestion here.
Okay, so that is what I was wondering. So, if I get this right...2 amps at 140 is still just 140. So in reality, I would be better off with a single 200 watt amp.

The speaker manual says they are designed for bi or tri-wiring, and they recommend it for improved sound. I will have to research the peak power, current and voltage for the amps I'm looking at. It also looks like I have more research to do.

REALLY appreciate all the input! Super helpful for a newbie audiophile.