Bi-amp a two-way speaker makes sense?

I am wondering if bi-amp a two-way speaker would make
any difference. I have a five channel Audio refinement 5x125 and a pair of Spendor S8. I am thinking of either buying a more powerful 2-channel amp or using 4 out of 5 channel of the amp for bi-amping which in fact would be equivalent to doubling the power per channel which could give me 250w/channel.

any suggestion would be appreciated.
Andy2, Bi-amping with your 5 channel amp will not give you any more power, You'll still have 125 watts per channel. Now if your amp can be bridged then you could get more power but I find when you bridge power amps they genraly sound not as good. If your going to keep the speakers for a while then I'd try to mate a good amp with them. Happy Listening!
Not exactly what Jsawhitlock sais:
If you have a two pair of binding posts on each of your speaker and if you will feed each input of amplifier separately i.e. using y-connector that you will have two separate amps amlifying the same signal and so you will increase the output power.
I did it a couple of times when I had to fix some of the amps: one was Nikko Alpha 200 and the other was AudioREsearch D100B. As you may check my system I still have my Totem Forrest 2-way speakers... Both of these amps have approximately the same gain as my VTL MB100 tube monos and I was amazed how SS and tube together could sound much much better than each one of them separately alone!
I have in my arsenal a DIY stepped volume controll boxes that I could apply to tame the higher gain amp and adjust tonal balance.
I would rather bi-amp than having to sell my current amp
to buy a more powerful amp. I think mine is not bad at all
and I probably have to spend about double to get any meaningful improvement. My amp only gets a touch harsh if
I drive it beyond 85% point and it well may be the fault of my CD player since I am using a Nad541i.
The reason I ask first before actually committing to bi-amping is that if I decide to bi-amp, I have to
modify my current speaker cables and purchase a pair of
Y-connector which requires some financial investment on
my part.
I am using Van den hul D102 MKIII interconnect. Do I have
to use a Y-connector of the same type? Could you recommend

I would think bi-amp would increase power, if not doubling, since the woofer and tweeter will each potentially receive 125W exclusively to themselves instead of sharing a single 125W source.

Anyway, these are my opinions.

Audio Refinement makes (or at least made?) a two channel amp @ 125 watts per. What do you use the extra channels for at this time? Do you have HT or multichannel music? If you do..then I would just pick-up the two channel version of your amp and use it's channels in the bi-amp. Of course if your not using the extra channels you have now for anything I can understand were your comming from with wanting to get some use out of them.

I would certainly try the biamping. In addition to probably getting more power, you're reducing feedback from woofer to tweeter and vice-versa.

I am actually using the amp in a HT configuration. But I can always buy a less expense 2-channel amp for the rear if
I decide to bi-amp. Thanks for your feedbacks.
Passive biamping however doesn't always improve overall sound and tonility! many speakers aren't balanced/designed to be bi-amped ulitimately, yeilding an often "tipped up" or "bright" tonal balance with 2 way speakers!
I've bi-amped MANY 2 way speakers in the past. And the results aren't always good. Infact, it's often just what I said...bright. Still, the result is almost always a more dynamic speaker. But the downside outways the plus there for full range playback.
Three way speakers often do well bi-amped....again, depending on what speaker. You'll have to experiment, and then you'll know.