Bi Amp

Is any body tried to run 2 amp to 1 set of speaker
I have i solid state and tube amp
Dou you think it a good idea to try, and what is the good

SEARCH, Coco, Search. You'll learn a lot. This gets asked about weekly.
Are you kidding I perfer it hands down. keep the tube on top first
Biamping improved everthing 200% in my system. If you are fortunate enough to own 2 amps, try it and tell us what you think.
Works great for me. SS on the bottom, tubes on top. Biggest thing you have to look for is getting gains of the amps as close as possible. Sometimes this requires attenuators or active crossovers.
Link below provides a lot of nice insight on both bi-wiring and bi-amping. From my own perspective I found that I recieved a bigger benefit from upgrading the amplifier and running a bi-wire set up, (two sets of speaker cables) than I did with two amps arranged in a bi-wire vertical bi-amp setup. Results will vary with your system but I'm confident that in most instances the single higher quality amp will deliver the better performance, assuming you are going to invest the same resources into one amplifier than you would into two. Going the one amp route also requires one less set of interconnects. Hope this helps...
how about bi-amping top and bottom versus monoamping?