BHK Sig. 250 ?

Anyone hear the new BHK Signature amp from PS Audio ?
Bascom King has designed some well respected amplifers
for other companies, so this should be pretty special.
Your take ?
I am an owner of the amp. You can see some brief comments under the above post "My Therapy", which is currently showing in the forum (at least for today). There are also a lot of posts on the PS website, where there was extensive beta testing. Bottom line is I think the amp is terrific. It is my understanding that it is supposed to be reviewed in one of the upcoming industry publications.
Paul demoed the BHK amp(s) at THE Show Newport last summer. So typical show
conditions with unfamiliar room and components, but I still came away impressed.
It was a fairly large room and partnered with Legacy speakers. Very clean,
detailed, and dynamic, but I was not familiar with any of the other components or
the musical selections. And now I'm not sure if the utilized the stereo model or the
then new monos.

Bottom line - I believe anyone shopping in this power/price range certainly should
include the BHK for a personal audition.
This amp is on my short list...May take the plunge in a week or so. I would be replacing a Parasound A-21.
Update:  I bought a BHK 250 over two weeks ago.  When it arrived, I hooked it up but it appeared to be defective with a persistent ground loop/white noise issue even with nothing hooked up to it other than speaker cables.  I contacted PS Audio and discussed the issue with them.  They walked me through some diagnostic checks and they determined that the amp had a problem.  PS Audio built and tested a replacement which is on the way to me.  They are sending the replacement using their "white glove" service at no additional cost to me.  As part of this level of service, they will remove the defective amp and send it back to PS Audio.  Although I ordered the amp from an authorized dealer, PS Audio stepped up and took responsibility.  They promised to make things right. I couldn't be more impressed with their customer service. Now, finger's crossed that the replacement will work as intended.  I just bought a Moon Evolution 740p pre-amp that is very lonely and missing an amp to play with. :-)
I posted this in the thread about going back to SS or Valve from digital - but its of relevance here as well.

I was just at a comparison today between one of my previous favourite amps the Arion HS500 monoblock digital amps with Duelund Cast capacitors that I own.  Its valve input with digital output.  I personally prefer my upgraded Prima Luna Dialogue - but its a close call - at comparisons with others it was about 50-50 which was preferred. Well today I was at a comparison of the Arions with the similarly priced new BHK 250w amp I just purchased.  Its valve input - mosfet output.  It was a joke - here is what others said:

'We did a back to back comparison with the new BHK amp and the old Aurion 500 D class that Mike was using about 3 years ago. Well it was night and day.I was kind of hoping it was just all hype, then I could crawl back into my hole and forget all about it!! A lot of the guys were commenting on the lack of balance in the Aurion amp, but listening to the BHK was like a live performance and the Aurion was more like listening to the radio with a blanket over it. If I was looking for an amp in this price range, then I would definitely audition this one!'

'The only amp the BHK was compared to was the Arion mono blocks, and as others have mentioned there was no competition. The Arions sounded boring in comparison, in this setup.'

'Yep the Arions had the same work done, (added by me - referring to that the Arions have Dulund Cast capacitors) I thought they were still nice, but the switch back was instantly amazing and by then the late comers were in and virtually all turned or twitched in wow factor'

My comments - the Arions were dull by comparison - they lacked life and verve.  The BHK was simply sweet liquid life.

You must hear this amp. You will want one. Start saving your pennies.

Thanks for your comments on the PS Audio BHK amp Bill.
 I have read lots of hype on the PS Audio site so far and heard about a couple of quality issues reported, but not much else.
I like the idea of a hybrid design with a standby mode so a one hour warm-up does not seem mandatory.
I am interested in the monos.
I haven't learned much from the posters/testers yet except it is detailed, not necessarily forgiving and apparently sounds good.
I would like to hear more about the mids, where hybrids are usually strong, and the bass, where mosfets sometimes struggle.
Do you know if this is biased in A or AB?
Also, do you know whether the monos a differential, push-pull configuration?
I can’t suggest they are close to equal but VanAlstine offers two hybrid amps for much less money than the PS Audio.  I suspect you get what you pay for with the Bascom King design but the VanAlstine may be within reach for some who can’t budget for the BHK Signature.

I have zero idea of technical details.

The BHK was stunning in every area. bass, midrange, sweetness, life, treble, liquidity - it has the lot.  I have been at comparisons between all sorts of amps, some cheaper, some much more expensive eg:

This amp easily bests them all.

I own quite a few - my Arion 500's, a very heavily upgraded Leak 20, and an upgraded Prima Luna I have in my system right now.  They will be on sale shortly.  Its an end game amp.

BHK 250 arrived a couple of days ago.  I am very satisfied with its performance.  No issues like the first one I had.  No regrets moving up from a Parasound A-21.  PS Audio has hit one out of the ballpark.
The BHK 250 is now on my list. A few used ones out there that makes the price more affordable. I would like to hear comparisons, if any, of the 250 to the Benchmark AHB2 amp. I know they are two entirely different breeds and price points. 
I was thinking it would be a great match for my RP-5 tube pre and Zu Speakers. I wish it had the ability to go "mono" so one could add another 250 in the future. I know the 300 are monos, however, they are quite expensive. I have seen used pairs around $8-9K