BHK 300 vs Luxman m900u vs Mola Mola Kaluga

Looking for insight on sound comparisons between these three amps.  Had and liked the BHK’s, but returned them due to ongoing QA issues.  I’m concerned about the bass capability of the Luxman, and about class D sound from the Kaluga.  Have heard neither, and can’t get a demo.  Linn Akurate DSM/3 fed by nas for front end; Monitor Audio PL300ii speakers.
For Class D have you considered Bruno's more recently venture with Purifi?  The review on Soundstage today said the NAD 298 is not as good as Bruno's prototype. There will be other manufacturers coming out with Purifi based amps that match Bruno's prototype. Bruno is no longer with Mola Mola. The Mola Mola Kaluga is now rather old tech.

I have heard the Luxman and it is a great amp. A very lush and detailed amp. I loved it and I tend to like more neutral gear. I have also heard the Kaluga at a show but never wanted to buy it after that show listen. When I heard the Luxman m900/c9000 I heard it on stand mount that did not need huge amount of power and I was extremely impressed. 

At one time I was consider the Linn Select DSM with Space Optimization to be paired with a Luxman m900u. It was a very nice sounding DAC. 
yyzsantabarbara: thanks for the info on the Mola Mola.  I hadn't realized they are that old - sort of new at this and learning as I go.  Your insights on the Luxman are also helpful.

rego: thanks for addressing my bass concerns with your thoughts.

I keep returning to the Luxman pair in my search, so probably time to just go ahead and order.
Check out the AGD amps if you are thinking about class d...has latest GaN (galium nitride) transistors.  They're like nothing I've heard, with  fantastic transparency and micro-detail but without being edgy, hyper detailed,  or bright.  They've been described as a solid state SET with power.  And from a practical perspective, they are small and light and super efficient.
Get a real amp look at PASS 250.8 or 350.8 for much better sound.Underwood Hi Fi has some great amps for the money as well.Good luck.