BGW Amps?

Has anyone on Audiogon had any experience with BGW systems amps, especially the 750 series? They seem to be used in recording studios, but wouldn't they also be great for home audio?

These were popular around 1972-1976 or so. I have never heard them. I remember them as being advertised as the theatre amplifiers used for the sub-sonics in the movie "Earthquake"
Only used them for PA work & they held up fine.
I remember this back in the day 75-80 in the clubs, a lot of DJs used this amp. During that time this was the amp to have if you were a DJ.
I also remember back in the late seventies that I recommended this brand (model number long forgotten) to a bass player for his rig. He was a happy camper.
Many, many 75 watt darlington output transistors derated to a few hundred watts per channel.
BGW is still around today folks! You can find them at:

I can't vouche for their new amps, but back in the day (70's) their amps were quite durable and reliable. As for their sonic attributes, well, I would think that maybe they were better suited to bass drivers. You can find these on ebay sometimes.