BG ribbons vs. Carver ribbons

I own a pair of the Carver Platinum Mk. IV edition ribbons. I would like to know what the difference between the Carver ribbons and the BG Corp. planar-magnetic ribbons
in terms of operating principles.
Hey Maxwell it is quite AMAZING that no one is interested in ribbons, which are infinetly superior to traditional cone mid tweeters. Check out the thread by Mrgigi "raven and oter ribbons" posted 2-16-02. No responce!!! From my thread "electrostat shootout at 4000 coral" i've learned that the quad is the best electrostat. But i have a hunch that the Woofer + Ribbon speaker is in some aspects superior to electrostats, in bass, efficiency and highs, the electrostats are probably superior in the mids. Come on plato gasman detlof tireguy ya'll live in places that have all the lines of speakers tell us about the ribbons. Maxwell how do these Carver speakers sound? price? web site? Check out a line called Ambience $6K(australian) as well as VMPS Ribbon Monitor 1 $1600
Maxwell, I haven't owned either speaker, but I don't think there is any difference in their operating principles. To the best of my knowledge, they both use a thin metal ribbon conductor on a mylar membrane operated push-pull between two rows of magnets.

I've heard some very nice speakers using the B-G driver. Unfortunately the only time I heard the Carver Amazing speaker was in a chain-store mid-fi setup, which couldn't possibly have done it justice.

I used to build speakers using ribbon drivers, and I generally agree with Tweekerman's assessment that they typically outclass cones and domes. But there are easily as many exceptions as there are rules. It's the skill of the designer that makes the most difference.

Tweekerman, I admire your enthusiasm! Did you get my e-mail inviting you to particpate in the New Orleans area audio club? Our next meeting is Friday March 1st. Within the club are several owners of speakers that use ribbon drivers. We also have a few electrostats and some exotic cones and domes, some well-executed speakers using rather conventional drivers, and at least one Altec Voice of the Theatre rig. These on-line discussions are great fun, but often the most effective writer carries the day, which may or may not correspond to which speakers really sound best (it's all tradeoffs anyway). My point is, the club offers valuable ears-on experience and a chance to mingle with kindred spirits. There is plenty of high end in New Orleans, and this is an invitation to join in. Drop me a line if you're interested. Don't worry - I don't wear my dealer hat to club meetings, nor do any of the other dealers.