BG ribbons and sub question..

I am pondering moving to a speaker system comprised of a pair of subs that can comfortable play up to 300 Hz (Lambda Acoustics) and a pair of ribbon (RD70 from BG), which plays down to 200 Hz...

Anyone here have any experience with these large ribbons?
Some with preliminary setup using Behringer analog crossover. Soon I plan to use a Tact 2.2x with EQ and crossover at 250Hz and their digital amps. Mine are open baffle dipole. At this high crossover and EQ baffle panels may not be needed. They are open sounding. Now I want to go to the next level. We shall see if the electronics can take them further. I plan to build the Tact 210 corner subs. Now I am using Lambda 10 inch.

Skip Lowell