Beyond the sound of things, and into the soul of things.

Beyond the sound of things, and into the soul of things.

Hi-res audio blows MP3s and AAC files out of the water. Essential data is lost when you listen to music via MP3 files because of the lossy compression that makes these files smaller. High-Resolution Audio can replicate the whole range of sound that the artist created when recording the content. Sony understands the importance of preserving the originality of music, which is why we’ve developed Hi-Res Audio products that allow audiophiles (like you) to listen to music in the best sound quality.

I listened to a file that I had downloaded in WAV which is a higher resolution than FLAC; this was Santana "Abraxas", an LP I bought in 1970, and since that time, have worn out many copies; to say I know every note on that LP is an understatement.

When I compared that file to my pristine LP, it was first in the lineup. As I listened, "It just doesn't get any better than this," I thought.

Now it was time for the LP; as the wax spun, I was floored on the first note; it was so definitive; after that keyboard intro, Santana's guitar just hung in the air, followed by the banging notes on the keyboard again, and then those unforgettable chimes; "Singing Winds and Crying Beasts" is the most perfect instrumental ever; IMO.

While the Hi-Res sounded good, the LP in my room felt good; I was flooded with all the memories I had experienced with this music playing in the background. Does anyone remember "Black Lights"; they made ladies legs glow in the dark when they wore certain kinds of stockings, what a scintillating sight.

So many colorful memories of my misspent youth passed before me as I listened, if only I could misspend them again. That's what the LP did for me; it regenerated my soul with it's soul; LP's have life, digital is the sound after it has been stripped of it's life.


Can you relate to the "Soul" of things?


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i went pretty deeply down this exploratory path a few years ago, bought a bunch of tape, a Revox high speed half track, two WADIA A2D, board, two very good microphone, etc.
Guess I should also have bought a lathe.....that might have spelled divorce...

plenty of soul either way....
 @orpheus10 gain and frequency response....I had a 4 track Dokorder that made rock and roll LP’s come alive...
good on ya for maintaining the RtR
enjoy it in good health !!!!!!

but yes, a great thread..
Richard Vandersteen is fond of saying.. a good stereo is also a time machine....

show business kidz talking philosophy..

Eric - yes! also caught Richard at Benaroya opening 4 you I discovered at Shoot out the Lights, have been mesmerized since....

even my ancient Labrador has got soul...

or in the words of Neil

” even Richard Nixon has got soul “
caught the legendary Richard Thompson tonight in a small venue ( The Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA )
I can assure you no lack of SOUL in that man...and no judging his age IF one dared to close eyes for even a moment...magical..

Play Beeswing....loud

try not to cry..

freaking awesome....
she was a day tripper....