Beyond Sharp XV-Z9000U projector ?

I have been using the Sharp 9000U for about one year to project DVD, LD, TV, HDTV on a 100" screen and I am not fully satisfied with the picture sharpness and the internal scaler (for whatever reason this model does not allow to use an external scaler). So I am thinking of moving on to a HD2 chip projector. I have been suggested the Sharp XV-Z10000U, InFocus Screenplay 7200, Yamaha LPX-500, JVC DLA-G150CL and Yamaha PDX-1000. Since there is no way I can see all of them in the area I live, could someone share with me views/impressions/recommendations to select the currently best quality projector in the 10K range?
I have seen both the Sharp and Screenplay 7200 and the INfocus wins hands down.Best DLP out so far,but not perfect.Will allow use of a scaler.
Would you consider a CRT projector? You can find great 8" CRT projectors with low hours for a lot less that 10k. The PQ will be far better than anything digital has to offer.
Roger- The 9000 does allow you to use an external scaler. Do a search on and you will find enough information to read for a couple of days. Want to improve the picture of your 9000? Go to and look into the PD-1100. Works great with the 9000- sending it a 720P signal. Also look up Sharp 9000 and Hoya FL-D filter tweaks on AVS.
I just came back from the CES show, and was most impressed by a great many of the projectors I saw, and mostly the HD2 offerings!. The Black/contrast level of these units(don't care what any of the diehard videophile CRT proponents say) was FAR MORE THAN ADEQUATE!(at least surpassing the black level you get from a film image at the movie theaters for surej!!...SO GOOD ENOUGH IN MY BOOK!!!) I really don't see how you could lose with either something like the Marantz, the Dwin, Runco's, or the Sim300!! All these projectors are abour $10-12k retail. I must admit that I was most imperssed by the virtual transparant window the Sim produced with HD!!! If I was buying an HD2 chip projector right now, it would be between the 4 I just mentioned at that price range. But, again, from what I saw of the 6 segment color wheel, HD2 chipped Sim300, I don't see how you could improve on that!!! INfact, the reds were as good as I've seen on a DLP projector from that unit, as well as superb black level/contrast!!! It is, from what I saw, the best looking immage at the show!!! I doubt any who saw the Seleco/sim Set up would disagree with this statement! Keep in mind, that was the first time I ever saw that DLP projector specifiically. But I was "floored" none the less...very impressive!(probably more accurate than the alerady superb Marantz, Runco 1000x, Dwin, or others. I didn't see any CRT's, but then there really wasn't any around to see. But then, those immages are usually darker in all but black rooms! For me, the DLP's out there are more than adequate.
Check out the Unit's I mentioned. But then again, you'll never know till you see one or try one, ey?! But, I would bet money on that you'd be pleased (probably for a long long time) with that Sim300 hd2 projector I saw!....WWHHHHHEW!..NICE!
I agree about the InFocus. It's the best I've seen.