Beyond Boutique Speakers

The thread "boutique" speakers was apparently for makers who are famous enough to get regular reviews in Stereophile.

I thought it would be good to focus on makers who have not even gotten that far or you want to have a personal relationship with your speaker maker.

Selah Audio

Lee Taylor, who made my cabinets and knows his stuff:

And of course Fritz

Of the three, I’m only familiar with Taylor’s cabinetry which is excellent, and Fritz’ finished products.

I can recommend both based on the reasons above. I really like the choices Selah makes, but I’ve never heard or seen them in person.  The floor is now open to recommend others.  I would like to ask that we stay with small makers who do not make it to the review pages on major magazines.
"For instance, Kal Rubinson's Music in the Round does not count."

Is that the guy who mentions that he has a house in Connecticut and an apartment in Manhattan a few times per Stereophile issue?
Volti Audio speakers are all made by one guy and he puts his cell phone number on his website. Yet he has a Stereophile review.  That's not boutique?

I may have to start a thread of "Beyond Beyond Boutique Speakers", where we list manufacturers that have never been reviewed or even mentioned in a forum, only whispered about in private messages.
Hi @whoopycat

I think you are being far to critical of this thread and its spirit. I really don’t want to play thread nazi, and we are not threatened by new threads.  I wanted to pay homage to the smallest of shops, that's all.

One of the big reasons I thought Stereophile was a good divider was that they used to have a minimum requirement of having at least 5 US dealers before they would do a formal review. That seems to be gone. I’m not sure how much Covid has played a part or a new crop of reviewers.

In any case, no I don’t have a problem with Volti being mentioned nor do I have a problem with you starting any thread you feel like.

By the way, you mentioned Volti, but you didn’t put their website in:

So please consider the positive intentions of the OP before you start threatening umbrage.

Appreciated your clarification of "boutique," Erik. 

I'd add Simon Mears Audio to that (smaller) list..