Beyma 12BR70 bass driver

A friend of mine asked me to give a "competent" opinion on a Beyma 12BR70 bass loudspeaker. I am not an expert in this sphere and don't know its intended use, but I will appreciate the opinions of those who are familiar with this loudspeaker. Good or bad? Any comparisons?
I have a pair of speakers with big horns for treble and 2 12'' Beyma drivers in each one. They are Klipsch like in sound and can handle 1000 watts. I don't know their model #'s but you can run them in a nightclub. The speakers are called Krause Cinema Extremes, and no one seems to know much about them. 48'' x 14'' x 18'' I no longer use them, but they are too big for me to ship. If your friend has Beymas, I was told that they are good drivers.
Thanks, I will communicate your response to my friend.
that should be 12B70R? I can recommend 12B100R, superfast & clean
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In some three weeks time I'll receive a new pair of Auto-tech The Mummy II speakers, with the Beyma 12BR70 bass/midrange unit and BMS 4524 compression driver. Based on my initial impressions though, in named combination, I can say the Beyma units deliver a delightfully nimble, physical, textured and tight sound, with a great "tone" to them. Before hearing them I had my reservations whether they would function in a satisfying manner in the mids region - say upwards to 1.5+kHz where they meet the BMS comp. driver - but I felt no discernable shortcoming in this area; in fact I never got around to notice any discontinuity between the two drivers, and that's rather impressive via a brand new pair of speakers that had just left their packaging, at my dealer's place where I heard them. Just to let you know that the Beyma units cover a wide frequency spectrum, being a great bass driver still, and with a (measured) sensitivity of around 94.5dB - no small feat, also considering its very reasonable price.