Beware of the prolieration of Counterfeit Tubes?

The old rules should still apply.
If something seems like too good a deal, you should instinctively know better.
There are currently more "gold pin tubes" offered on Ebay, which could possibly exist.
The 6DJ8 / ECC88 / Cca /6922 type of tubes, is the most abused.
NOS tubes are not supposed to have perfect print.
Latest trick and tip-off: The print is "imperfect" in the exact same place.
Stupidest criminal act: Printing "Bugle Boy" on the tube or tube box, it was always, just a nick-name!
Original boxes are your best friend, but boxes can be copied.
What is your experience with this issue?
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IMO I agree with you. NOS is a laugh.
Finding a reputable tube dealer and buy from them. You spend more, but actually save money by not buying crap at a discount price.. it is still crap.
Beware of the proliferation of counterfeit EVERYTHING.
Use magnifying glass to look for those deltas and diamonds.
Buy anything on ebay and get crap!!
If you're interested in NOS tubes, check out Brent Jessee Recording and Supply Inc.