Beware of NAD M3 Fire Hazard

My $3k NAD M3 started shooting sparks out the top and burned the shelf that was 8" above. Luckily I was home and not sleeping or the house would have burned down. If anyone has one of these I advise them to unplug it when not in use. I took it to two different repair shops and they said it would be about $800 to just get it running and there may be board issues. They advised not to take the gamble. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it?
but even if a shorted rectifier allowed AC on the cap without shorting out the power transformer's winding, downstream caps might be just fine as resistors are in the circuit that could have limited current.

Yeah, but that pic man, it shows sprayed cap juice everywhere.
It makes sense to contact NAD about the failure.  If they do nothing, you aren’t in any worse situation than you are now.  And, as others noted, they might offer you a deal on a replacement.  Word of mouth and promoting good will with customers does a lot to generate new and repeat business.  Certainly worth a try.  This would suck for anyone.  Hope your luck improves.  
Was it in use when this occurred?
I'd be fuming as much as the amp.
Will mention this on their IG or FB page.