BEWARE OF FRAUD with this member

I recently sold a Mytek Liberty DAC to this user.

Buyer: locmao003

In the Audiogon Selling portal they listed their shipping address as a US Oregon address.
I shipped the item to this address. 
Paypal payment made to my account.
USPS Insured shipment, with delivery confirmation.
Delivery confirmed on June 11, 2021 by USPS.
I got an email, from a DIFFERENT email address stating they received the item.

Next, I got a dispute from Paypal saying the buyer never received the item.
The buyer listed their address as VIETNAM! Not Oregon.
I NEVER sell or ship overseas and would not have accepted this purchase if that was disclosed.
Paypal has approved the claim, and took my $500 payment back. I am left without the original DAC or payment.

BEWARE of this Buyer!
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OP, that really sucks, it’s situations like this that make me wish physical harm on these scammers. I’ve been lucky so far and have not been personally scammed, but I and several others assisted a guy a few years back on another site to “persuade” an individual to make it right when they tried to scam a guy locally. I don’t recommend this route anymore based on the fact that situations like that could easily get out of hand/escalate as pointed out by the Mrs.
Thanks @audioman58 for the Stripe suggestion, I created an account and will try it on my next transaction.
How’s Stripe is any different than PayPal? Their fees are just as ridiculous as PayPal? Fraudsters are everywhere, as long as you do your diligence you can avoid being scammed.
So obvious question- did you ship to the Verified PayPal address that was on his PayPal account or a different address? It seems you might not have shipped to the verified address? If you did I don't think PayPal would reverse the transaction in the buyers favor? 
I too have had issues with PayPal policies and unwillingness to support legitimate sellers in favor of fraudulent buyers. It was mentioned that you should ship to PP verified address. I can tell you from experience that their verification process is flawed. You ask how I can make this statement...I will tell you. I am born and raised is the USA. I have lived at my current address in the US for 4 decades. I had an issue with a funds transfer from some in the US to me. I received the funds in Euro's much to my surprise. I contacted the person whom I know intimately and asked why did you send the money in Euro's and he said why would I do that? He sent the money as USD. PP converted his funds to Euro's. I spoke with PP support and they confirmed it was sent in USD and that they converted it to Euro's because they verified my address in a different country, Cyprus. If you are thinking of reasons why this may be possible, I can tell you that my address is quite unique and would not exist as such in Cyprus. I know this for a fact. When I challenged them they said the fault was mine because I listed my address in Cyprus. I ask you, even if that were the case, how could the PP system verify an address that is incorrect and does not exist in anther country. I asked the representative to verify it in the PP system while I was on the call with him and he said it is verified. I told him that was not possible and the system is flawed. He became very indigent. Sorry for the lengthy message, but bottom line PP policies are autocratic and for reasons unexplained in favor of scammers. I my opinion they treat honest sellers as villains while going out of their way to protect fraudulent purchasers. Sellers be ware!
Is there are many traders on audio gun like this some have good histories some maybe not. They use a delivery address which is typically a mailbox place or a shipping company where they receive large amounts of items which are then bundled and shipped as a large shipment. They typically don't have US PayPal accounts that are registered to that address and so it's beware. When challenged they will persistently try to convince you that it's OK I don't feel comfortable and will usually pass.
 You should always Google the shipping address and look at it with the street view to see if it looks reasonable as a residence or a place that can be tied to the actual account name.