Beware of Acoustic Frontiers selling old outdated reference Deqx Microphones

Bought a used Deqx and It came with the standard Dayton mic. I contacted AF and purchased the Reference Mic for $745. At the time I wasn’t told there are 2 different mics available (DM23 & DM30) What I received was a 6+ year old unsealed mic. I contacted Earthworks and they told me these Mics need to recalibrated every 5 years.

When I asked why, Nyal claimed to not know it was 6+ years old nor knew it was open box, and needing calibration. I returned it and got in touch with Larry "The Deqx Guy" and bought a DM30 for $10 more and it’s brand new made 11/21

That was the 1st and only time I do business with AF.....

Caveat Emptor

Calibration Certificate