Beware How I was ripped off

A while back I saw an add posted for some Tannoy drivers that I was interested in. I opened some dialogue and ended up purchasing them. The seller was "audiosource", Paul Berger, and did have a few transctions with positive feedback. On the phone he said he was opening a store in Poland for hifi. He said he could not do paypal and I had to do bank transfer. Due to the positive feedbacks I decided to go through with it. Lo and behold a few months go by and I have not recieved my speakers. He is very reassuring stating that they are going by boat and it takes a long time. Finally we get to the point were he promises to refund. Unfortunately he never does and doesn't respond to any more emails. Lesson learnt I will never send bank transfer again. Do not purchase anything form this scammer!

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As a long time Audiogon user (always a buyer, not a seller), I am very cautious about buying online. It's just me but I would never, ever buy from an international seller. I have never been scammed but I empathize with those that have been. I just think that the cost of shipping a 100 pound amplifier half way around the world must outweigh any discount someone could give you. Also, if you mail a check then you have their address. I believe it would be worth the cost of a plane ticket to fly to their home and ask them face-to-face, "Where's my money?"