Beware AudiogoN Forcing Credit Card Payment

If you edit your ad, the "Credit Card with Express Checkout" option is checked by default. If you save the edited ad, YOU CAN’T REMOVE THIS PAYMENT OPTION"!

The problems with this payment option are numerous. Here are a few:
- Audiogon requires you to ship the item before you have received payment.
- There is no facility to print a receipt.
- You receive payment days later with no notice that the deposit is complete.
- You can’t remove Express Checkout from your Audiogon profile for 30 days after someone has paid with it.

Caution is warranted!
Good catch Jerry, I never noticed that. Pretty sneaky.
I just went in and edited the Express Checkout out of my ads.
One of the most basic & accepted aspects of Audiogon & eBay transactions has always been that after a deal is reached, payment sent by buyer AND RECEIVED BY SELLER happens before any shipment takes place.
Having worked in eCommerce for many years I can attest that far more fraud is related to bogus payments than boxes shipped with bricks inside. 
Why would Audiogon attempt to change this paradigm, let alone do it in such an unclear fashion? Cheers,
Was Audiogon bought by Ebay? EBay has no guarantee - none - and it is full of weasel sellers. I buy a lot of books on EBay but nothing that is mechanical. I've had too many screwings from them to ever buy anything over a couple hundred dollars there. The cons are out in force right now - they need to eat, too, and this is banquet time for them.