beveridge speakers are coming back

beveridge speakers are in the works of finishing up on a new model. the speakers are in a hifi store in santa rosa. the shortcomings are beeing worked out....
I listened to the old Beveridge speakers years ago at a shop on Woodward Ave. here in the Detroit area....incredible comes to mind!, also...not sure I've listened to anything that really betters them to any great degree even today.

Top ten of all time for me.

The Absolute Sound raved about those speakers for years and I am sure they are worth a listen...
What are the shortcomings that are being worked out?
Rick and his brother are in process of moving from Forestville to a location in southern California to be determined, perhaps near Santa Barbara. One would hope the company will continue.
Back when I owned a high end store in the '70s, we had a pair on consignment. As I recall, we had them powered by our favorite amp, the Threshold 400A. They go against the side walls and face each other. Everything in between is the image, wall to wall and floor to almost ceiling. Fantastic!
Like everything else I had a pair. They imaged better than the Infinity ServoStatics and KLH 9s, but they were less dynamic. They are a real pain to set up. Since I am totally into horns once again, I would have no interest in the Beveridges.
they have a new lense and enclosure structure. they respond down to 200hz, and the woofer system takes over from there. the system blends seamlessly, and is currently bi-amped. these are a new design, and are called the E3. they look cool would be great to see these at CES....

I also listened to probably those same Beveridges on Woodward but can't remember the store. Any idea what it was? I don't think it was Harry Francis' but can't remember anyting about it except the big Beveridges.

No, I can't remember which shop it was. That stretch of Woodward (9 mile to around 14 mile) had 5-6 high-end shops in those days...seems like it was on the south bound side.

I do remember that cd had hit the market around or not long after I listened to the Beveridge...the guy that ran the place would have no part of digital and I don't think they ever had a cd player in the shop, even after all the other stores started using them for demo.

If I recall...they also had the Snell Type A's that I was in love with. The Snell's were in another room (they only had two) so I don't recall if they carried both at the same time?

That was also the shop were I first came across a subwoofer, (DQ 10's along with their crossover and subs)...I bought a used pair of DQ 10's not long after although I did not get the sub's!...ahhh, memory lane. (at least what memory I have left in my old age).

I owned a pair of Beveridge 2 SW 2 speakers way back in 1979, when I lived in Sweden. Mine were white lacquer and sounded fantastic! The woofers were the only week link, which I modified and got to perform well. I have played 15 ips master tapes of organ music, that I myself made on this system and there was plenty of dynamics, extention and deep bass! I had to sell this pair when I moved to the US in 1981. Last December, I gave myself a Xmas present and obtained a pair of 2 SW 2s, also white lacquer (!), to regain the lost "Garden of Eden"!!!
NOTHING, I have heard or owned since can match these classics!