Beveridge speaker repair

I have a good friend with Beveridge model 2 electrostatic speakers (with the built in high voltage tube amp but no subwoofer) that are in need of a re-build/repair.

Anyone know of someone doing this in the Los Angeles CA area? We know about Rick Beveridge in Santa Barbara (son of the founder) but it is a bit unclear as to whether he will repair the older units at reasonable cost.

My freind used to have a local LA tech (Marc McInn) work on his speakers but he has lost touch with him.

Any help/input would be appreciated.
You could try Roger M. at Music Reference . I believe he was the desingner of the internal Amps
There seems to be a lot of confusion about Modjeski's part in the manufacture of Beveridge speakers. The direct drive OTL amplifiers in the Beveridge Model 2 were actually Counterpoint amplifiers. Modjeski was involved in building the solid state amplifiers for the 2SW-2 subwoofers. If Rick Beveridge is still restoring Beveridge speakers he is your best bet.
What is the problem with the speakers? Is it the amplifiers or the panels? I have the same speaker and might be able to steer you in the right direction. I have spoken to Rick a number of times and I don't think that he will be repairing panels soon unfortunately. Roger M. is an excellent recommendation. I actually spoke to him today about this issue. Bob

From what I understand, the panels are fine. He is getting a buzzing or whining sound from one of the amplifiers. I suspect something has gone out of tolerance and the amp is oscillating. To clarify, the whining is heard through the speaker panel and its not mechanical vibration from a transformer, etc.

He does not think its 60/120 Hz hum.

He was going to call Rodger M to see if he could help. From what I understand Rodger is selling tube amps and perhaps he has some familiarity with the earlier Beveridge designs.
An update. My friend called Rodger M. and he was extremely helpful. Said he could re-biuld/repair the amps no problem as he was very familiar with them.
I am curious. Were those Counterpoint amplifiers the same ones that used the circuit that Roger sold to Counterpoint? I think they were marketed by Counterpoint as the SA-4.
There is a rumor that Rick Beveridge is repairing a
and building speakers again. Can anyone confirm this? Bob