Beveridge owners.what preamp do you use

I have owned the vintage Beveridge 2sw system for a couple of months and love the way it presents music. I have been using a passive Sonic Euphoria and the purity of music is wonderful. What the passive does not give me is PRAT on this system. I tried an active tube preamp and gained the PRAT but lost the incredible purity of the passive. It ended up sounding more like Hi fi and less like music. I am back to the passive wondering what other owners of this magnificent speaker use for preamps. I have also been told by two Beveridge owners that the Beveridge preamp is not the way to go. Any feedback would be appreciated because I am a greedy audiophile who wants it all. Bob
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Conrad Johson art no matter MK.1 or MK.2 had wonderful results with it, Mark Levinson 32 was a little better, but FM acoustics pre-amplifiers was the best period--> more dynamics, more 3-D, more of everything, more music espcially the FM-266.
No matter FM acoustics pre-amps or power-amps they are simply unbeatable
Did you ever try a passive with the Beveridges? What is in the rest of your system? Bob
Yes I once did passive with a Wadia 27ix(I do not have this anymore), soundstage is wonderful but shrill unmusical very sharp sound.
--> this means I connected the Wadia 27ix directly to the Beverigdge OTL amplifiers (I have also same Beveridge SW-2 system as yours.

I used a BAT VK-51SE and now, BAT REX with my Bev Model III's. They're driven by BAT VK-150SE monoblocks. I'm wondering how the REX would sound with the Bev 2SW-X...
Only for your knowledge... since I do have a Beveridge model 3 and not the 2sw2 system.
I drive them with a Counterpoint SA-11 but now I'm going to the new Aria WV11XL. Power amp are EAR 509 monos.
best reg.s
I am thinking that the 2sw and the 2 would be a bit different with the ultra high voltage OTL as part of the speaker. This might dictate a bit different choice. I was also wondering if anyone has compared the difference between the model 2 and the model 2sw. I have people of vast experience telling me that other than bass extension and SPL's that the Model 2 was the best Beveridge. Other people tell me that the 2sw was the way to go. Anybody fortunate enough to make this comparison? Bob