Beveridge 2 or 2sw Which is better?

I have friends who tell me the Beveridge 2 was better than the Beveridge 2sw (Subwoofer). I have other friends who tell me that the only difference was the increase in SPL and low end on the 2WS. I am using the 2SW's now and am quite happy but being the audiophile on the never ending quest was wondering if the Beveridge 2 really was a better loudspeaker. Bob
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There must be some Beveridge enthusiasts out there!
you can email steve davis at palmetto audio-video..he sells them ..he should be able to help you ...hope this helps..
Thanks, I will give him a call. I am really wondering about the vintage speakers but he may have some insight about these also. Bob
anyone looking to sell the original model 2's?
Still wondering!
Still still wondering
Both of these systems have the older elements which are very great in articulating classical music, jazz and all music or sound that is not loud or a demand in "pressure" like rock or hip hop!!

I had the new elements panels (plays much louder) replaced back in 1986 and Mr Harold Beveridge reworked my amp and redo the equalization to accommodate the new panels and the replacement of the original subwoofers.

There are other things, you can do to make these speakers internally to help the sound to be better. On the overall there is nothing like the "2" or "2Ws" as electrostatics speakers and with a correctly tune in subwoofer! It is heaven although it has it's quirks, but far less then all the other combinations out there!!!

Everyone complains of the price, but they all forget that there are the dedicated OTL "tube" amps supplied as the system!!! That along to alleviate the search and to match a power amp to properly play the elements that is very cheap when thinking about it!!!

Just saw this response from Xmas day. Merry Christmas by the way. Love to hear about the tweaks you discuss in your post. Bob
what do you want? I have a set of 2's and have heard the 2sw's. So better? the sw's have more bass, I don't care, mine are tighter with a more liquid mid, which is what i want. Could be that I have rebuilt the amps once or twice. The differences are that the sw's have a wider mouth on the lens than the 2's. And of course the 2's are full range the sw has an internal crossover (active or passive, I have seen both) the lens material on my 2's is slightly better quality than any of the sw's i have seen.

If you want to make them sound a LOT better there is a 10uf coupling cap on the small signal board, find a Black Gate non pol 10mike and change them (2). And of course your input coupling cap can be played with. Try an Audio Note copper and oil for that sweet syrupy sound.
IMHO take the crossover out completely use the input direct with a good coupling cap and get an active Xover for your subs. I use a modified Dalquest Xover. Of course you need to match the subs to the Bevs but thats half the fun.
Could you email me directly at Bob