between this two preamps which is the better

Wanted to know wich preamp is better between the Carver model C11 and the Psaudio model 6.1. I have a Threshold stasis 2 power amplifier, Acoustat model 4 electrostatics and i only use cd player (Sony cdp-x555es). Usually hear blues and jazz music. Betwenn this two preamps, who is concider the better? Thanks in advance.
I have little doubt in my mind that the PS would be a more neutral sounding preamp between the two mentioned. Is there a specific reason as to why your choices are limited between the two of these ? Sean
Why don't you try a used Adcom GFP-750? The circuit was designed by Nelson Pass & it's in another league compared to the Carver or PS Audio. You can get a used one for around $700.00.