Between Ayre V1 & Jeff Rowland model 10

Would appreciate some opinions on these two amps as I am in two minds about them. V-1 (used) USD$4000 and model 10 (new) USD$5800.
I left you a post on the Maggie site. Best-Gary
I auditioned a well broken in Ayre V1 for about 1 week at home and it is a wonderful amplifier. It has a purity and sweetness in the midband that is really addictive. However, if a rythymic, live sound on all types of music is what you are after then it will not be the amplifier for you. It falls short in dynamics and treble/bass extension. It did not appear to be very critical of power quality like other amplifiers (Rowland 10/12's) that use ultra fast switching power supplies. I did wind up returning the Ayre and I auditioned a Krell FPB600c did purchase the Krell. For the past year I have been using an FPB600c. The Krell is without a doubt leaner than the ayre in the mids but more resolving across the band. The Krell focuses better. It is "sweet" on some recordings and also dry sounding on others. It feel it lacks the midrange magic of the ayre. From others have told me, the Rowland 10/12's have very similar sonic characters and are mostly the same part for part. A look inside the signal chassis reveals a large red circuit board that is probably 95% unpopulated except for a few very small parts! I have not personaly heard the Rowland 10 but I now own the 12's. Rowland 12's have the ayre midrange but are sound VERY open without the Ayre's slight haziness. They are so smooth and resolving compared with the Ayre V1 and the Krell600c. What really shocked me is that 12's have far deeper bass lines and punch better than the FPB600c. The Krell 600c is very fast and quite dynamic but the Rowland 12's are faster and possibly the fastest and most detailed solid state amp! The Rowlands do everything better. I have noticed a tendency to soften up and roll off some cymbal air after extended playing. This also happens to the 600c but not as much. This is fixed by unplugging them for about 30 minutes and then playing them again. The Krell then requires several hours to come back and the Rowlands only need a few minutes. Big difference here. FYI, All components and even the amplifiers were connected with Powersnakes King Cobras. My recommendation is the Rowland.
Thanks for your response. I must say I do share your vieww with regards to the Rowlands...heard the 10T was heck of a impressed! In fact prior to the 10T, I was seriously think of the Plinius SA 250 Mk IV as well as it is very well reviewed, any opinion about that one?