Bettye LaVette

Another stunner from this magnificent artist!  Just now have the opportunity to play her new recording, Blackbirds, and its stunning.  Produced by the great Steve Jordan, Mastered by the great Greg Calbi (of whom I am terribly envious, he masters all of Dylan's recordings).  This Bettye LaVette album (I have it on standard CD) is simply magnificent, wonderful wonderful soulful singing, magnificent recording, and over the top song selection; there is a theme.  Take a listen, you will have no regrets if you do.

All the best to everyone-

Her Things Have Changed CD is excellent and extremely well recorded
Agreed; that one is also produced by Jordan and mastered by Calbi.
excellent thanks rpeluso!  she is great
@rpeluso Thank you, it is fantastic - I just finished listening to it.  Not to many singers, these days, understands the words they're singing.  I can feel she does and she owns each song.  I have "The Scene of The Crime", but to me this is much better.  Sound is also very good.  Bass, so important in R&B music is wonderfully recorded, full and well controlled.  Amount of reverberation is just right.  I ordered the previous one "Things Have Changed".
Funny the timing of this post. About three or four days ago I was listening to WWOZ in my car and this song came on. I wasn't really paying attention at first but then I realized I recognised it as a cover of (and a really horrid one at that)  "Love reign over me" by the Who. The vocal itself was okay but the styling and tempo of the cover was just god awful. And the artist, of course, none other then Bettye LaVette, with whom I was, up to that point, unfamiliar with. It seemed like a really odd choice of material to cover by a performer of her specific talents. Audition it if you dare.
That cover is from a different, and in my view, inferior recording she did a while back.  I urge you to listen to either Blackbirds or Things Have Changed, you might be surprised and impressed.  
Got in a sealed copy of "The 1972 Muscle Shoals Sessions" on ROG this week plus "Blackbirds"
The song 'Love Reign O'er Me' can be found on her album call 'Interpretations', as a bonus track. A british rock songbook of 60s and 70s tunes by Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Traffic, and  Elton John.

You will hear these songs under a new light. They were transformed.  A great album.

This was the 1st LaVette album I purchased. Just got 'Blackbird. Will look for 'Things have Changed'. 

When I discover a voice like LaVette's, I want to go back to her early roots. Listening to "1972 Muscle Shoals Sessions" now. Wonderful!
Frankly, a while back I passed on "Interpretations". At the time, it seemed to me an effort just to make money.
Need to revisit my copy of "Do Your Duty"
My copy of Blackbirds is sounding great. The lp has some surface noise even after it's US clean. Gonna give it the full treatment later starting with a slow steam.
Now, much quieter.
I got it on a CD, and of course its quiet.  And, of course, I love it.  A wonderful recording.  As is the previous release by this stunning artist.  The Dylan one. Oh my.