Bettering DL 103 ? suggestions ?

Dear Friends I started to take confidence with vinyl via my PT Export + SME 309 + Denon DL 103 MC cart.
I have two objectives now: Objectively improve the already musical 103 and have a higher output cart due to my future phono stage (a DIY Pass Pearl with 40 db gain only)
I actually have a valuable Coph Nia with 60dB and can't imagine to go down to 40 dB.
Which of the following carts will objectively improve the sound quality and solve the gain issue ?
Type of sound requested smooth and natural for jazz reproduction.
Thanks so much
Ortofon Kontrapunkt
Ortofon Rohmann
Dynavector20X MK2
Benz Glider
While those are all nice cartridges, I think you are going to have a tough time beating a good low output DL103 with a mid-priced high-output MC.

I'd stay with the low output cartridge, and get a step up device to provide the needed gain. IMHO.

I would strongly suggest you purchase a good power filter for your phono stage and if possible, for your TT also. Among the candidates that come to my mind are the DeZorel and BPT balanced power transformer.

Any particular reason why you want to change phono stage?
Tom is right, the 103 is hard to beat when going to a mid-priced high-output MC. Like you said "I actually have a valuable Coph Nia with 60dB and can't imagine to go down to 40 dB."
Going to 40db, this is difficult, you will need a step-up like a, M.A. COTTER MC Step-up Transformer.

The cartridge of choice,in your price range is the
Shelter 501 MKII. This is the one Twl, myself and many others here on Agon use.

You might just try getting the Shelter and matching it with your Coph Nia. This is definitely a move up in fidelity. Good luck!
The Kontrapunkt B is a sensible choice. I own one and also Koetsus and Ikedas. Try the 'punkt. Let in run in for about 50 hours and you will start hearing improvements over your already good 103.
Hey thanks to anybody that replied.
I found fresh ideas here.