- anybody have exp.?

Anybody out there used them? Read some good reviews. Any data? Any experiences?
I purchased S-video and composite video cables from them. They're well made, but I haven't spent any time comparing their picture quality to other brands (my TV isn't really good enough to compare fine details).
I've used both the component and composite video cables. I have a very high resolution front projection system and have found these to be as good or better than the Audioquest video 2 cables I had been using. For the money I think they are hard to beat for video.
i both a pair for a high end audio system and so far i m very pleased with the sound. I dont think you can beat them for the price/value ratio the offer. i paid $215 for a pair of 16 ft with spades/and banana's. Service was also very good.
I have digital coax, component video, and super VHS cables from BetterCables, and have been very pleased. Very good build quality and excellent performance. You can spend more, but you won't do much better without spending 3 times the money.
I have replaced all of my cables with Bettercables. I have seven balanced cables that range from 7 to 10 meters. Bettercables was the only affordable high quality option I could afford. I compared the to Pransparent cables that listed for $2,000. I couldn't determine a noticable difference in sound but did notice a huge difference in cast!

The premium digital cables and their S-Video are excellent as well.
Service- outstanding
Build quality- very nice
Performance (s and component video) very good
Price- good (can't match it new)