Better XLR's

I've been playing with the idea of changing my cables standard Neutrick XLr's to a higher end Cardas XLR.
Has anybody done this?
Just received in the mail a pair of Cardas Golden Cross wires that I had Cardas reterminate with their new "Clear" upgraded XLR bits. No idea how they sound, as still trapped at work, but holy sh*t, that's some heavy, impressive, substantial bling hanging off the end of those wires. Don't come cheap, though. Depending on what sort of wires we're talking about, and what you hope to achieve, expect that the endeavor (and your $$) might be better directed to something altogether new. But if we're talking DIY retermination, can't really guess. I've swapped out terminations on DIY wires in the past, and although I found it both fun and satisfying, can't say I heard any real difference in the process.... Your mileage will certainly vary.
It would be interesting to compare the Cardas Clear XLR vs the Xhadow Precision XLR. Xhadow claims these to be "easily the finest XLR in the world". Who knows.
i have spoken with a new cable manufacturer who does a lot of custom work...he has the option to offer his customers any kind of termination. i like his cables...Sablon Audio...FWIW, has elected to use Xhadows.
I like the Xhadow's also but be warned that the pin diameter is slighly smaller than most others. Also, when inserted into some jacks they don't make a "click". Expensive too.
good to know...they always advertise tight can that be if pin diameter is smaller? is that even safe given grounding issues?
I`ve been usin Deltron XLR for decades, take a look inside the female plug and you might understand why
I only use

They are very expensive but you never bother with connectors again and you can change cable to your hearts content.

I have tried Xshadow previously


Regarding the pins being smaller, I only compared them to the Neutrik male. In my experience, I can't say they are a particularly tight fit. Should not be any kind of safety issue. Regarding Boccino, Carmine has been after me to try his connectors. Even with OEM pricing, I can't justify it. I'd have to raise my prices too much.
Audio Jewelry.
It may be a little better.
It may not. Even the most expensive Kimber XLRs still use plain old XLRs.
I trust Kimber.
All I cansay.
I agree...I think that the Neutrik's with the gold plated pins are very good while the Xhadows provide the cool looks and do sound slightly better. How much better is really an open question.
yes, i have spoken with Gryphon and their view was the metal alloy mix used in Neutriks is very high quality and provides good conductance...which is what counts. For some reason, the neutrik adaptors (i also had them replaced) wiggled in the back of the Gryphon Amp i own...and Xhadows did seem to be a more solid fit. who knows?
AQ puts a a really nice XLR on Diamondbacks. I've been using XLRs on recording and live sound gear for years and Neutriks have always been great, although the build quality of the AQs seems extremely high, and it's CHINESE! I personally don't think they SOUND any different.