Better Transport then a NAD 541i

I just recently got a Museatex DAC. I've been using my NAD 541i as a transport. I was curious if I could get a dedicated Transport that was better then the NAD 541i for the same money? After purchasing the DAC and Moray James digital cable, money is a little tight. Could I possibly sell the NAD and get something at least as good as it for a dedicated transport.

The NAD has to "lock" in order to send a digital signal out and this creates a loud crackle everytime I turn the unit on if I dont switch the DAC output to something else.
From time to time, a CAL Delta will show up on AudiogoN for under $300.00. This is what I am using and have had good results. You should be able to sell the NAD for around $225.00.
I have recently seen PS Audio Lambda and Muse Model 5 going for 350$ on AgoN - both are excelent and both will outperform your NAD. Another choice is CAL Delta which can be had for as little as 250$, although it doesn't match the Lambda nad Model 5 for sound quality.
Used Sony DVP-S7700 or Pioneer DV-47A or Ai make great transports. The 7700 is the only one that has two lasers, one for DVD and one for CD.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio