Better to use Parasound Halo A31 or Rotel RB-1590 for front L/R?

I am currently using a Rotel RB-1590 (350w/channel) to power my B&W 804D3 front L/R (recommended amp 50-200w). I also have a Parasound A31 (250w/channel) on the way to power my HTM1D3 center (recommended amp 50-500w) and CCM 683 surrounds (130w maximum), which are currently being powered by a Denon x7200wa.

That’s the current plan, but I do have a few options with this setup. Any thoughts on the following options?

(a) Follow the plan, 1590 powering R/L, and A31 powering C/SL/SR. Should I then assume that whatever differences in the sound between brands won’t be a big deal?

(b) Use the A31 to power the L/C/R to keep an even front sound stage and relegate the 1590 to (dramatically) overpowering the SL/SR.

(c) Use the A31 to power the L/C/R and exchange the 1590 for an A21 or A23 for the SL/SR to keep the same sound/brand across all speakers.

As a bonus question, how much would my sound improve if I went to an XLR-capable preamp like the Marantz AV8802a over my RCA Denon x7200wa?
I suppose one other option would be to just use an A51 instead, but then I'm running all 5 speakers off the same power supply, whereas the plans above would have two separate quality power supplies.
I don't think the brand difference will make a big deal for HT, but I suspect for music you'll much prefer the A31. :)