Better to plug it in ... ... ...

I have had always some problems when I listen to a CD in "Forté" passages, there were always distortions and "Blur", nothing to realy enjoy my music.  Because I recently change my power amp AC Cable with a stanard plug, (not as big diametre as my power distribution bar) now I can plug it into the wall outlet, with my power distrubtion bar also connected in.  No more problems, it is realy cool to have my music  with transparency, dynamic, and mostly clean sound. Eureka at last !  I am very Happy, because I was suppose to make soon a change of tweeter and cross over in my speakers, It's a chance I found the cause of the problem.  Happy listening to all of you.
Glad it worked out well for you. That is why we often say that “Everything Matters”. Tweaking and experimentation is part of the fun.
tom6897   Yes thank you, even though I have a good Power distribution bar, with good receptacles and a dedicated AC line, for me and my new AC power amp cord, it is way better to plug my amp into the wall outlet.  Fun you said, now it is realy Fun and cool.