Better than Perreaux 150i, price/performance?

My first post, following recommendations, I started a new thread.. I have the following setup and am extremely pleased with the sound I have. I have not had the opportunity to listen to many other amplifiers. Bryston, Simaudio, Cambridge 840v2, MacIntosh, AR. I have listened to some Harbeth, Vienna, WLM, B&W 801d and a few others over the years. I have come across a few good deals to put together the following which represents the best I've heard to date ( insert laughter here ). Honestly I do listen to a lot of music, several hours per day on average, jazz, indie, classical, folk and still get a great deal of pleasure from it.

Ascendo system F loudspeakers (6 ohm)
Perreaux 150i integrated amp ( 290w into 6ohm according to Martin at Perreaux)
Weiss DAC 2 balanced connection to amp and firewire to Mac mini.
Mac mini serving FLAC and high res FLAC through
Squeezebox duet ( bypassing onboard DAC) OR direct via
PureMusic s/w
Using Mogami 3104 bi-wire

Listening space is a large open room with high ceilings going from 12' to 22' and average 22' wide by 45' long. Main listening area is approx 15'x15'.

I am curious though to get feedback on what I might expect in terms of improvements if I were to consider a different/"better" amplifier configuration? I prefer to stay with solid state. Prefer integrated but would consider separate pre/power if it made enough improvement. Many generate too much heat (class A amps) for my furniture/placement. I get the sense I'd have to spend considerably more $$ to see a marked inprovement. Am I wrong?

Anyone else had exposure to Perreaux 150i?
I shoul add, I have read many good reviews and threads on SS integrateds from Pass, Gamut, Boulder, CJ, AR, Gryphon, Karan, JC, to list a few that come immediately to mind. I wonder if I'd hear a significant improvement from any of them or whether reality is that, I will need to go to separates ( possibly from some of the same companies ) to hear a significantly "better sound". By better I'm thinking, qualities like improved bass, improved soundstage, warmth, and the like. Not saying what I already think I hear is quite good in those areas.

Your experienced comments are most welcome.
I'd save your money. You have a fine integrated. Do you have acoustic treatments in your listening room? If not I'd explore that direction first.

Thank you, reinforcing what I believe also.
No I do not have any acoustic treatments to date.
Acoustic treatments move in, wife moves out, Oh well.