Better than Apollo

I'm thinking of upgrading my CDP because a good analog system may be more than I get swing right now. I have a rega apollo and want a little more low level resolution and clarity.

Is there a player that I should consider looking at that may be worthwhile? When I bought the Rega I considered an older ARC but I noticed that ARC says on their site that repair parts may be limited. Is Meridian still servicing units is they are older.

Should I look at something more recent?

Looking to spent no more than $1800 used.

Thanks to all for your help on my journey.

Low level resolution and clarity at that price level usually only comes with modified components.

I'd recommend looking at used Modwright 999ES Platinum Signature players with tube power supplies.
Increased resolution may be more a function of the amp/preamp you are using.
What is the rest of your system?
I highly suggest the Doge6 from Pacific Valve. Excellent player with a high level of resolution. About $1400 + shipping. Go for the upgraded tubes, about $100+ installed. Some folks here dislike the Chinese players - so be it. It carries a one-year warranty from Pacific, which can be extended through Square Trade for nominal cost. 30 day money back in case you hate it.
Used Bryston BCD-1. Clarity and resolution in spades, and great company support.
Keep your Rega and have RAM [reference audio mods] perform they're signature upgrade for both clock and ps...About $700.00 and in return a player that will be far superior then a new $1500.00 player!
My advice is to keep the Apollo (use as a transport) and get a Benchmark DAC 1 PRE or USB. I had an Apollo for about 1 year, then I upgraded to the Saturn. The Saturn was a nice improvement over the Apollo. About 3 weeks ago I purchased the DAC 1 PRE. I'm using my Saturn as a transport and I'm very pleased with the results. The Saturn by itself was a noticeable improvement over the Apollo in bass definition, midrange clarity, and space between the images. The DAC 1 PRE seems to have even more resolution and no emphasis at any frequencies. Compared to the Saturn, I think the bass is tighter and the highs are less fatiguing. Also you can buy it from Benchmark with a 30 day trial so there is little risk. FWIW, my system consists of Harbeth Super HL5, Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Ultimate Preamp, and the McIntosh MC275 power amp.