Better story teller than Edmund Fitzgerald?

There was a thread on A'gon about the most perfect song.  We had reasons for picking various, but for me it was Gordong Lightfoot's Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Perhaps it featured an aspect of song writing that no one else much cared for:  A deep and detailed story in the song.

So I ask you, A'goners, what songs are as good or better at telling a story of a historical event? 


hotel California ..... I am convinced that this is exactly how it happened ..

"Frankie And Johnny" traditional

"Stagger Lee" traditional

"King Of California" Dave Alvin

"Tangled Up In Blue" Bob Dylan

"Powderfinger" Neil Young


Mark Knopfler… many of his songs about historical and biographical events. A good example is 5:15 AM from Shangri La album about the 1967 one armed bandit murder.  Great lyrics, story telling and nice recordings in many of his songs.  He’s obviously a huge history buff. 

Another great song by Knopfler is Sailing to Philadelphia about Mason and Dixon drawing the “line”. 

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