Better SS amp than my Bryston?

I am wondering if there is a more musical SS amp than my 4BSST to run my Maggie 1.6s. You all know that they like alot of current, etc. The current system is:
DeHavilland Ultra Verve
Shanling CDT-100

The budget is probably somewhere between $2000 and $2500 and will gladly buy used.
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You could probably squeeze a used Pass Labs X-250 into that budget. It's one of my favorites.
I just purchased the DK Design VS-1. I will let you know.
I am using a Levinson No. 23, (200 wpc), which I bought used for $2K a year or more ago. I have been very happy with it. (Of course, I should be happy with it, as I had the No. 27 (100 wpc) before the No. 23, and I liked it so much that I just sold it and got a No. 23, as they are pretty much the same design. Very musical, very good bass response. If you can find a 23.5, it is supposedly a bit better, although typically, they run about 10-20% more than the 23.

Good Luck in your search.
Read the H2O review here

The H2O Stereo amp sells for $2500 new, with warranty.
I own a Pass X250, will bring additional speed and dynamics to your system, as well as a more liquid midrange and definied highs.

A used Gryphon amp (DM100, Anthileon) will also bring you some steps up.

You might consider a used BAT VK500 with the BATPAK. I use a VK200 and find it to be powerful, smooth and a bit on the warm sounding side. Also, consider Plinius and a SMc modded McCormack DNA.
When I compared Bryston to SimAudio amps I thought the SimAudio units were a good deal better. Bass was not as lean, the midrange was less dry.

Later, though, I listened to CJ amps with the same speakers (Totem Forest and Mani-2) and from then on, tubes were it for me.

I know there are some people here who run Maggies with tubes, but if you like transistors, the SimAudio Moon amps are what I would want.
Get better Maggies, that should be obvious.

The itty bitty improvements some of the amp suggestions above could make, why not sell the 1.6Quasi-Ribbon and get some real ribbons.
used to have 4bsst. pass 150.5 is significantly better in smoothness, detail, ease of presentation unless a lot of power is needed
classe cam monos....sssswwweeeeetttt !!!!!
Cinematic_systems...You should not be so dogmatic about Maggie ribbons. Quite apart from the lower cost and lesser tendancy to be damaged, some people prefer the MG1.6 sound. There is something to be said for having the tweeter and the woofer share the same technology. Synergy perhaps?

All Maggies are good, and some are better than others. To each his own.
Thanks Gentlemen - I will take all of your feedback into consideration. The one question I have is no mention of Edge electronics. I have heard great things. I have also seriously considered PASS X-250. As you know, Maggies need alot of power/current to really sing. As for the comment on the 3.6, my room isn't big enough.
Since digital is your only input source, you should take a look at a TacT M/S2150 amp. You could connect the digital
output of your CDP directly to the TacT and eliminate
a preamp. Unlike the h20, it a fully digital amp, and along with it's remote volume contol, it also can perform
digital crossover functions.
Krell KSA150, Threshold SA100, Levinson M 27.5 or M 23..these all fit in the budget...personally I'd look for the Threshold but a Levinson M23 is awful good..the Krell is supposedly able to handle any load with ease....
I agree with Eldartford. I'm one of those that prefer my Maggie 1.6's because the woofer and tweeter share the same technology. They were reviewed by TAS as being a little soft in the top end, but I seemed to have solved that by rebuilding the crossover with better quality parts. They are so clean and delicate sounding now....

By the way, I drive them with an Aragon 8008BB and have no desire to change amps.
You might be able to find a pair of used Clayton M100 monoblocks for near your price range. (The Clayton S40 stereo - at about half the price - might even work.) Many owners (including me) and listeners find their musicality (among other strengths) to be outstanding, and with 100 watts (into 8 ohms) of Class A power (for the monoblocks), current should not be a problem. I can also second the earlier respondent's recommendation of Classe CAM monoblocks; I'm familiar with the CAM-200s - they sound wonderful and are available used in your price range.
The guys on the Planar Asylum (MUG) would say Odyssey Xtreme monoblocks. This seems to maybe have replaced the Bryston as the new recommended amps for maggies.

If you can find a used BEL 1001 Mk IV in that price range jump on it. It's got plenty of juice and will amaze you on a pair of Maggies. Seriously, it has no competition.