Better sounding alternatives to Blue Node Vault 2i

I would like to re-store my roughly 750 CD library into one spot tp play via my existing system. The CD’s are on my computer already but digitized using iTunes default settings, so not exactly hi-rez and I expect to have to replay them for higher rez digital storage. I don’t need a new streamer since I’m happy with my Cambridge CXN V2 once I got an appropriate power cord and cables, vibration damping and so forth and spent the time to find stations to my liking.. The Blue Node Vault seems to do everything I want except really needs an external DAC and I’d rather find everything in one box. Existing system is an Audio Research LS2B MKII (with remote) feeding two Sumo Andromeda IIA power amps driving a pair of hybrid Acoustat 1100 electrostatics in bi-amp mode. Sony SA5400 ES SACD, Classic Sansui TU-9900 (max modified) tuner and the Cambridge for sources. Room is fully done by Acoustic Sciences with traps, drums and panels and the imaging is really something with good recordings. System runs balanced from the Sony to the Sumos but single ended for the tuner and Cambridge to the preamp. Single ended RCA would be OK for what I would like to add which I would prefer to have it’s own built in CD player, adequate storage for more than 750 CDs at hi-rez..... workable with a phone or tablet app and of course not be a weak link in the system. Any ideas?  Could go a couple to a few $K for the right piece.

no affiliation - wally is a good guy, sells excellent gear at reasonable prices
I looked and read the material.... could not see a way for it to rip or record by itself from CD, I do see an internal clock for correcting a bit stream output but don’t see a built in DAC, and no RCA or balanced outputs, just digital so it would need an external DAC as well.  .... Apparently I would need to pair this up with a CD/SACD player as well as an external DAC making this a near $10K project by the time you add cords and cables.  It might be a great unit but I don’t think this what I’m looking to add. Thanks for the time to post... appreciated...
Why not just re-rip them on your pc and then put them on a NAS.
In the month plus since my original post some things have changed on my system.  The Cambridge and Sony CD/SACD both feed a Benchmark DAC 3b now and the entire system is up on a Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner with a Monsoon cord for it and Low Z cords from Audioquest on all components that have with IEC plugs.   Lots of my CDs are from 20 or more years ago and mastering then is not what it is now I think.  Rather than rerip them in another format I'm going to try Tidal HiFi as an add to my music sources which would then be the CDs, streaming internet channels and Tidal.  I'm in the process of getting the Cambridge switched to hard wired Ethernet instead of wifi and should have that finished in about 10 days of so, cable ordered and have to go through a wall but that is the next step.  CDs that were well recorded and mastered are stunning, as are some of the internet streaming stations, OTOH many CDs are just hard brittle crap in comparison and certainly not worth re-ripping.