Better Sound Oppo BDP-83 or Elite BDP-05FD?

Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my Pioneer Elite DV-47ai to Blu Ray. The Oppo BDP-83 was suggested to me but I was also considering the Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD. Picture quality is important to me but not as important as sound quality. I was running digital out on my DV-47ai through an offboard Theta DAC and expect to do the same with the new player. I also plan on listening to two channel with this player as well. Which do you feel gives the better audio quality when playing DVD's?

Just wanted to get your thoughts on this?

I bought the Pioneer O5FD new last year. Its a wonderful player. I replaced it with the Oppo. The Oppo's picture is better on blue ray (sharper) and has a better upscaler than the Pioneer for normal DVD's. In fact it is even better than my Toshiba HDDVD player which I kept only for regular DVD's. I like the sound better on the Oppo than the Pioneer. I have a 60 inch Pioneer Plasma K-600M as a monitor. By the way I am selling both the pioneer and toshiba.
I'll go for Oppo, it is a high definition Blu-ray Disc that provides pristine video and audio quality for home entertainment, with an Full HD 1080p Output
Look at the new OPPO BDP83 SE (special edition) which has upgraded DACS
I have the 05 set up with analog outs (king cobras) and it would take a miracle for anything to sound better (I've heard it all) Denon, Sony, LG, Pan, Sam.....I'll hold out until I hear the 83se and only the se would have a chance. You can't compare sound when decoding in the receiver, only when decoding in the player itself can you compare what you're really paying for in the higher end players.