Better Sound For Free!

Read about this pearl in Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound:
If you are using a CD player, try turning it off and unplugging it from the wall outlet. Wait for one minute, not any longer. His theory is that this allows the computer in the the CDP to reboot.
I would presume this should also benefit outboard DACs.
I tried it and could tell a difference the first time I did it. Everything sounded better, clearer.
 I do it weekly now, but not detecting any further gains in SQ.
Bottom line: my system sounds better. And it cost nothing. 

Never unplug anything. That’s my motto. It disrupts the electrical mechanical interface and that takes a few days to heal. For that reason I’m out. If I recall correctly some CD players sound better after hitting PAUSE, then hitting play again, so it’s unnecessary to unplug anything.
Speaking of cars, I swear mine drive better after they've been washed.
I have experienced the same thing.
That’s because it’s more aerodynamic. It’s smoother so the laminar flow is better, less micro turbulence so less drag. Just kidding. 😀