Better software for DSD

I have Audiovarna and when I try to play DSD files I get the music with hiss in the background. This does not happen with 24/192 files. I am using a Aesthetix Romulus player and an apple laptop computer via USB. Would JRiver or Pure Music work better?

Your DAC doesn't support DSD natively

You need to set Audirvana Plus to convert DSD to PCM.

I take it you have A+ and not the free Audirvana - which I recall does not handle DSD in any form.

Audirvana Plus/Preferences
Audio System tab
Under DSD Detection, set to None: Convert to PCM

Select Max Sample Rate to 192kHz - the maximum your DAC can handle.

See if that helps.
Doggiehowser I have the Aesthetix Romulus Signature which has dedicated DSD. Pure music may work better with the Aesthetix than audio varna I'm not sure. I could try the free download.
How are you playing the DSD files?

As an ISO loaded into Audirvana Plus' playlist window?

If you are adding DSF to iTunes using a shortcut type method which makes the DSF file appear as an M4A, A+ has changed their alias method. In the older versions, it would play the same shortcuts created by Pure Music (.M4A) but this was changed to a new method in later versions. I gather this was because Pure Music sought an injunction and forced them to change the method. Shame really, I was using PM to make the DSF alias M4A files and using A+ to play them for the longest time.
I have the Romulus Signature and have no issues playing DSD files from JRiver or Audirvana via the dac's USB input. Make sure you select bitstreaming DSD in JRiver, and delivery of DSD via DoP in Audirvana.

However, I have not been able to get DSD files to play via any of the spdif inputs (of course via DoP); I'm not sure if the problem is with the DAC or my Audiobyte Hydra X usb converter.
Yes as an ISO file loaded into the Audirvana. Do you think Pure Music runs DSD files better or another program other than these two.
Most DACs only support DOP on the USB input so it won't work over SPDIF. I think the PS Audio DS DAC might be one of the few to allow it.

I actually am not a fan of Pure Music anymore. Not when they charged 50 bucks for a bug fix to v2.0

A+ is still my preferred player. I am curious tho you always mention Audirvana. You do have Audirvana PLUS right?
I picked DSD over PCM Standard 1.0 as opposed to Automatic Detection. I don't see where you can pick DSD via DoP.
DOP is DSD over PCM :)

You can have a free trial demo of JRiver. See if that works for you.

I have never had any issues with DOP on any of my DACs which support DSD over PCM on USB on A+

You aren't going through an external USB-SPDIF converter, right?
Control playlist without using the keyboard and mouse. Also streams music from JRiver to iPad.
JRiver for Mac along with the JRemote app is a nice solution. It is what I migrated to from iTunes/Audirvana as I wanted to completely divorce myself from iTunes. Since then I have also divorced myself from JRiver.