Better R2R DAC Recommendation?

I’m new to digital after being vinyl only forever and am enjoying my Denafrips Ares 2 streamed from a Project Streambox S2 Ultra using Audirvana. Of course since I’m enjoying it, I need something even better... it’s a hobby after all.

I’d like to spend no more than $2k on the used market. Anyone have a favorite R2R?


It’s a pretty easy answer if you like the Aries2 a lot 

then the Pontus2 is the obvious answer similar house sound but much better detail bass and everything in between .  The Venus would be their best between all very close to the terminator 2 but at $3k 

for $2k the Pontus -2 almost impossible to beat ,it’s very well balanced 

I owned it the key is how good is your cables ,powercords  make a difference 

even more so Ethernet cable,  I uses uptone ether regen which truly cleans the noise on the digital signal and  usb , I like the AQ  Diamond , cables as well as Wireworld Platinum 8;cables .

Some good alternatives:  Holo Audio May, MHDT Orchid, Denefrips Pontus, etc....

But, you can sometimes find the Schitt Yggdrasil R2R Dac in your price range.  I really like the Yggy, which gets great reviews.  I think I bought mine for around $1900...  

I doubt I'd trade it for anything less than the Denefrips Terminator, or Audio Mirror Trubador...

Strecht your budget a little bit to get a significant improvement.

I would say Audio-GD R8-HE Mkii without a doubt.

Whilst you mention the Streambox2 you do not mention the rest of your system.  I have a Denifrips Ares II and have no intention of changing.  I have tried other, perhaps better, DACs in my system that , to me, made no meaningful difference. However a Stack Link  certainly did.

I did a lot online research on this topic and ended up with Holo Spring 3 vs Holo May, decided to go for the May. If my budget was 2k I’d look for a used Spring 3.